On Twitter, where brevity reigns supreme, I sum myself up as: Writer, educator, yogi, runner, general nerd & wearer of many metaphorical hats.

While that’s great place to start, a list of labels only gets you so far in learning about someone. In addition to the above, I…

  1. Work a…

A review of the book everyone seems to be reading right now

What? They didn’t say anything about mixing rum and witchcraft (Photo by the author)

(Full disclosure: Links to specific books are Bookshop affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no additional costs to you. Mentions of Book of the Month are referral codes that give you a small discount on your first box, and me a free book).

If you spend a…

Revisiting the game that taught me D&D and finding it more… well-endowed than I remember

Image from Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, sourced from Nintendo Smash

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance opens on a slender elven woman, the avatar of the character selected at the start menu. …

A few of my personal tips and tricks for filling your calendar with books

Photo by Taras Shypka on Unsplash

Not long ago, a friend texted to ask me how I stay updated on new book releases, and I realized I couldn’t easily outline all my sources via text. …

Or is it what we’re playing Wednesday, since I’ve spent so much time with my Switch this week?

Image created by the author in Canva

Do the subtitles across the screen during dialogue in a video game count as reading? Because, if I’m honest, those are the most non-work-email words I consumed this past week.

You see, I recently learned that a favorite video game of my childhood, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance was remastered for…

This isn’t just a romantic love story

Cover image courtesy of Goodreads

(Full disclosure: Links to specific books are affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you, should you choose to purchase. I received a free audiobook file of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review).

From its cover, Love, Chai, and Other…

A browse through the online bookshelves

Confession: I have an ever-growing stack of unread physical books heaped in a stack in our bedroom.

Additional confession: These aren’t even all the unread books in my possession, since I also read digitally.

When I first started writing about books online back in [redacted], I learned about the joy…

Mutants in petticoats? Yes, please!

Image formatted in Canva by the author, cover photos from Goodreads

(Full disclosure: links to specific books are Bookshop affiliate links, which earn me a small commission if you choose to purchase.)

Happy Throwback Thursday, book friends! We’re nearly halfway through the month of October and I hope it’s been treating you well. …

Our weekly space to check in about books and reading

Image created by the author in Canva

Here we are once again, my friends — it’s Wednesday! And that means it’s time to check in on those current and recent reads.

What a whirlwind October has been for me thus far, with work picking up speed and my social life following along with it. As much as…

Book club dreams versus buddy read reality

It may be obvious from the title of this publication that one of my favorite parts of reading is chatting about books with friends.

Truth be told, though, I don’t get as much IRL book chat time as you’d expect. Between social anxiety, being an introvert, and working a job…

Amanda Kay Oaks

Pittsburgh-based writer & wearer of many metaphorical hats. Making words about self, health, books, travel, and more! She/her.

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