Pittsburgh-based writer making words about books, chronic illness, pop culture, self, health, and more! I'm interested in writing that brings people together and share my stories with the hopes my readers will feel less alone.

Sticking to niches isn't my forte, but the list above is pretty representative of what my interests generally lean towards. Doesn't mean I won't wander off elsewhere sometimes--after all, I contain multitudes! If you mosey on over to my lists, I've broken my stories down into categories so you can find what interests you and leave the rest.

Want to support my work and my fancy coffee addiction? Buy me an iced caramel latte with oatmilk: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/amandakayoaks

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Amanda Kay Oaks

Amanda Kay Oaks

Pittsburgh-based writer & wearer of many metaphorical hats. Making words about books, pop culture, witchery, health, travel, and more! She/her.