Tarot Tuesday 11/29/2022: Welcoming New Inspiration

Your tarot reading and journal prompts for the Ace of Wands

Amanda Kay Oaks


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Welcome back to another Tarot Tuesday, my friends. Imagine my surprise when I pulled this week’s card and found another one of the Aces after we had the Ace of Swords last week. As Brendan Urie of Panic at the Disco once sang, “Everything’s coming up aces, aces.”

Last week was all about shifting thoughts and perspective with the fresh start of the Ace of Swords. This week, we’re looking at…

Tarot Card of the Week: Ace of Wands

Like any Ace, the Ace of Wands signifies a fresh start, a new journey through the 10 cards in the suit. Wands are about creativity and creation, so with the Ace of Wands we see an invitation to embrace new ideas, hobbies, or modes of creative expression. If there is something new you’ve felt called to try, now is the time to give it a go. Take that pottery class, write that novel, or learn to play that guitar.

Journal Prompts for the Ace of Wands

  1. What are your go-to forms of creative expression? How often have you actually utilized them lately?
  2. Is there a new idea that’s been percolating under the surface for you? Try to journal about this idea and why it excites you. Or, free write to generate a new idea if one hasn’t come to you just yet.
  3. Are there any hobbies you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t? Make a list and set a goal to try at least one of them in the new year.

Final Thoughts and Personal Reflection

I’m a bit pleased with my deck that it’s throwing out so many new beginnings cards here at the end of the year, when so many of us are thinking about who we want to be in 2023. This is something I’ve been reflecting on a lot, and I do personally have big creative plans for the coming year.

So, the Ace of Wands has been a bit of a stalker card for me this year and I’ve drawn it in my personal readings quite often. It’s like seeing an old friend, reminding me to take time for my writing, and maybe for that pottery class I’ve always wanted to try, too.

This card feels like an invitation to tap into our intuition and just let ourselves make things. Too often in this gig economy, we equate creation with monetization. This card asks, what would it look like to just make the thing you want to make?

This post was originally published on my self-care blog, Running Into Joy, on November 29, 2022.



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