Tarot Tuesday 11/22/2022: Breaking Through to a New Perspective

Amanda Kay Oaks
2 min readNov 22, 2022
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I have to confess when I realized today was Tuesday, I panicked. Time to pick another card for Tarot Tuesday already?! It will take me a bit to get back in the groove of doing this on a regular weekly basis, and this week feels particularly odd as today is the last day of my workweek before I travel home to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving.

But I said I was back, so back I am with another Tarot card and journal prompts. This week’s card is…

Tarot Card of the Week: Ace of Swords

Photo by Amanda Kay Oaks. Deck artwork from Starchild Tarot

Aces are all about a fresh start, the beginning of each suit’s story. The suit of swords centers on our thoughts, and so the Ace of Swords signifies fresh ideas, an openness to a new way of thinking about and seeing your world.

Journal Prompts for the Ace of Swords

  1. Where in your life could you use some fresh ideas? Consider what has felt stagnant or stuck. Is there a new perspective you could bring to this area?
  2. When was the last time you felt excited by a new idea? What was it, and what did you end up doing with it?
  3. Consider what sparks your creativity. Make a list of activities you can do the next time you need to bring fresh ideas into your life.

Final Thoughts and Personal Reflection

The Aces have come up for me a lot this year, as my Tarot deck presses me to make some decisions and some changes in my life that I’ve known I needed for a while. I love a fresh start, and I see the Aces as being full of hope and new beginnings. The Ace of Swords in particular is an interesting one, because it’s not necessarily about changing your circumstances, but how you see them.

I said similar last week about the Wheel of Fortune, but I do think this card feels particularly salient as we barrel towards the new year. Many of us like to start fresh and set goals for the new year, and it’s a great time to consider new ideas for how we want to focus our energy for the next calendar year. \

We’ve also got a New Moon coming up this Thursday, November 24th, which is sort of the new year of the lunar cycle. It’s a good time to set intentions and start fresh with a new perspective.

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