Sailor Moon Made Me a Morning Person

The early morning TV habit that led to a lifetime of waking up early

Amanda Kay Oaks
3 min readFeb 2


Image from Sailor Moon, sourced via NPR

I’ve been an early riser for most of my life, preferring the quiet morning hours before the rest of the world wakes up. Even now that I work from home and don’t have a commute, my dog and I wake up at 5am so we can have a few quiet hours before my husband gets up for work.

Most of the time, I credit my habit of waking early to the summer job of my college years. I worked markdown shifts at TJ Maxx, gloriously customer-free hours of scanning merchandise before the store opened. These were my favorite shifts, alone in the store with a few other employees from 7am to 9am, before the store opened.

It was easy work, scanning every tag in a particular section of the store to see if the system had deemed it ready for the clearance section. I fell into a rhythm, seeing how quickly I could work. Apparently, I was good at it, because I kept getting offered those shifts.

This TJ Maxx was a good 30 minute drive from home, so I’d get up around 5am to give myself time for breakfast before I had to shower and head to work. So, it makes sense to say this is when I learned to love quiet mornings.

Except, it isn’t. Not really.

Recently, I started rewatching Sailor Moon because it popped up on Hulu and I thought, why not? Only as the familiar characters flashed on my screen did I remember the small morning person version of myself that I’d forgotten.

Sailor Moon aired on one of our local stations early in the morning. It was one of my favorite TV shows at the time, thanks to its focus on female protagonists saving the world. I identified with Sailor Jupiter, a tall brunette who wasn’t quite as stereotypically feminine as her friends.

I forget how I discovered that the show was on at this time of day, but somehow, I learned that if I got up early enough, I could watch an episode before I had to get ready for school.

I remember sitting in the living room floor with a bowl of cereal, eagerly waiting for my favorite show to start. There was usually an infomercial just ending before it began, and I’d catch the tail end of some dramatic attempts to sell something before…



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