My Most Popular Stories from July 2022

Of the 16 stories I wrote last month, these 3 got the most attention

Amanda Kay Oaks
3 min readAug 2, 2022


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The last time I took a look at the previous month’s stories to see which reigned supreme was back in March. A simpler time, before I came back from my honeymoon to find that summer wasn’t interested in existing at work this year.

Though I can’t say things have slowed down much in the day job, I have gotten a better handle on the new workflow with my increased responsibilities. So, I’ve got a little bit of bandwith to take a look at the past month’s stories and see what we can learn from how they did.

In general, my views have been down this month. No doubt this is partly due to the fact that while I’ve managed to squeak out some words, I haven’t had the time or energy to engage with other writers as much as I’d like.

1. The Best Books I Read in June 2022 (in Your Book Friend)

Surprising no one, my best books recaps continue to be the best performing stories in my little book blog publication, Your Book Friend. This is also the only story from July that has crossed 100 views (so far).

This article coming out on the first of the month gives it a little boost in this competition, since it’s had the most time to accumulate views. Nevertheless, it seems readers enjoy seeing my favorite books from the reading month almost as much as I enjoy writing about them.

2. Favorite Movies from Every Year I’ve Been Alive (Second Decade) (In FanFare)

This three-part series was so much fun to write, even if I had to wrestle with some of my decisions for which movies were my favorite in the particularly good release years.

This installment covers my teenage Twilight fangirl phase, so it’s definitely not embarassing at all to see it performing so well. Pretty glad I decided not to dig up those old photos of wannabe emo Amanda in her Twilight sweatshirt for this one.

3. Princess Diaries 2 is the Worst Sequel Ever Made (In FanFare)



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