My Month In Writing: April 2021

My goal was to publish 20 stories. How did I do?

April has been a challenging month for me personally, for a number of reasons which I’m sure I’ll end up writing about at some point.

Yet I’m very proud to say I met the goal I set at the start of the month of publishing at least 20 stories here on Medium! Through this process, I had the pleasure of joining several new publications this month, and connecting with a ton of fabulous editors and writers along the way.

With so much work hitting the internet, I’m excited to whittle it down to some of my favorite articles from the month of April and highlight a few of my articles by category to help you find the work that most matches your interests.

I know they say we should fit ourselves into niches as writers, but I believe we all contain multitudes and should write about the things that speak to us.

And so, without further ado, here’s a sampling of some of my favorites for those 20+ April articles.

Mental Health/Chronic Pain

  • I reflected on the last time I rode a rollercoaster prior to receiving the diagnosis that makes it medically unadvisable for me to ride them ever again, accepted by Invisible Illness
  • I penned some thoughts related to body image and diet culture in my first article for Write Like a Girl


  • Remembering my cross-country Greyhound trip to Idaho and the events that transpired in the Sawtooth mountains in my first for World Traveler’s Blog
  • Azula, Andy, and I went backpacking a few months ago for my very first time, which I wrote about for World Traveler’s Blog
  • I returned to my Ohio roots in this reflection on my first trip to Hocking Hills post occipital neuralgia diagnosis, also for World Traveler’s Blog

Books & Reading

  • I reviewed Sarah Penner’s The Lost Apothecary for the fabulous new Medium publication, Coffee Time Reviews
  • After buying yet another Reese’s Book Club pick, I went down a rabbit hole exploring what other celebrity book clubs are out there for this roundup posted in Books Are Our Superpower
  • Coffee Time Reviews published this reflection on why we can never really read the same book twice



Whew! That’s just a small sample of the things I wrote about this month, and boy does it feel good to reflect back on what went right after this past month. A number of these articles were selected for further distribution, and several of them passed 100 views, which feels exciting to celebrate!

Before I go, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that I’ve started a page on Buy Me A Coffee, where you can support my creative work if you feel so called. So far, I have a whopping 0 supporters, so you could say it’s going pretty well.

Happy “it’s gonna be May” and happy reading, my friends! I’d love to hear about any exciting milestones or goals you this this month in the responses!

Pittsburgh-based writer & wearer of many metaphorical hats. Making words about self, health, books, travel, and more! She/her.

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